RT 3.2.2 now available

I’m pleased to announce RT 3.2.2, the third stable release of RT 3.2.
This release features numerous minor UI, performance and functionality
improvements, as well as several months of collected bugfixes.
Additionally, a number of this release’s changes are designed to make
RT even easier to modify and customize. A full change log for this
release follows this announcement. We’re hard at work on a first
official “beta” release of RT 3.4, which will feature a completely
overhauled custom fields system, in addition to the standard complement
of across the board improvements. RT 3.2.2 is a recommended update for
all users. As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

You can download the new release from


MD5 sums for this release:

3c74baff2c43e939d7ec3a367d7181a0  rt-3.2.2.tar.gz
2b87b5e33faa03b5440adaf86924176b  rt-3.2.2.tar.gz.sig

SHA-1 sums for this release:

6e234869b5437cc88c5259538273e94feae1d0fc  rt-3.2.2.tar.gz
a2967d6d3147231fec88c20f98615ad10ffb3b15  rt-3.2.2.tar.gz.sig

Jesse Vincent
Best Practical


  • Due dates in the past no longer look like they’re in the future,
    i.e. “6 days ago”.

  • Fix “Unrecognised line: foo@bar” errorrs caused by perl 5.8.0 not
    matching utf8 against regexps

  • Added “DependedOnBy” to TicketSQL to mean what it means elsewhere.

  • Applied Bart Duchesne’s patch for correctly deleting old Ticket
    custom field value ‘0’ when editing SingleValue Ticket custom

  • Made TicketSQL let you search by ticket type

  • Retagging the source code with the updated submission policy

  • Searching on multiple watcher criteria now works

    • Use "local $" to prevent "modification of read-only value…"
      caused by aliasing $
      to a constant

    • Switch $Ticket->AddCustomFieldValue to use $cf->LoadByNameAndQueue
      forward compatibility.

    • $Ticket->AddCustomFieldValue now takes FIELD as Name.

    • TicketSQL: use || instead of ‘or’ so we can short-circuit

    • TicketSQL: get rid of $null_columns_ok flag

    • TicketSQL: clean up logic, and use string compare instead of regexp

    • Never try to fetch attributes when we don’t have an object to fetch
      attributes on

    • Ticket creation documentation updates Made “type” an editable
      field on tickets (at the web api level, not in the UI) Inlined
      Tickets_Overlay_SQL’s “match” for better performance

    • When merging tickets, the resulting ticket’s
      Time{Estimated,Worked,Left} should be the sum of the fields from
      both tickets

Web UI

  • Web based query builder: Handle 0 values properly.

  • Offline ticket editor Reset string properly when uploading a
    template file.

  • RT now goes out of its way to display images, like the logo… even
    users fail to configure their webserver correctly

  • In the web query builder, NULL values can now be chosen, and the
    query is constructed properly.

  • In the offline update tool, Fill in the default queue if one was

  • In the “offline update” tool", f a template file is uploaded, clear
    the old template first (as before).

  • On the front page the TitleBox title is now a link to the same

  • html/Search/Results.tsv now works with custom fields that have line
    within them.

  • In Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments, the font code that is generated
    no longer tries to escape the quotes (to give something like
    ). Now the quotes appear.

  • Bulk editing of custom fields (finally!) added. Not quite as fast as
    would be preferred, probably, but it (should) work.

  • Fixes to web based template creation

  • The “/l” component now does all its work in the init block

  • Applied patch from bobg at the domain of uic.edu, prefixing refresh
    form’s url with $RT::WebPath

  • Add callback in header proper, to allow injection of style and
    script tags

  • Doubled headers and navbars no longer appear when an unprivileged
    creates a Custom Field. (This happened because Abort was called
    a subcomponent.)

  • Use a:after {content: “…”} to put dots after titlebox links; this
    involves one loc string change

  • Force titlebox hrefs to be white, not black

  • removed

     block around the header keys, and removed an
    in ticket history email display,
  • Refactored the TicketList compnent to be more reusable

  • Added back a “ticket refresh” dropdown on the search results page.
    to Dirk Pape.

  • Fixed bug which prevented searches with an unlimited number of rows
    per page

  • Generalized Elements/SelectDate slightly, to allow for a

  • In the ticket list, if something is overdue, set DueRelative to CSS

  • Added callbacks to let users add entries to show and edit basics

  • Added a “SearchActions” callback to Search/Results.html

  • In ticket history display, move the lasttrans anchor into a table

Email handling

  • Fixed bounce handling logic; bounce message as a loop if $IsALoop
    and not
    $RT::StoreLoops; was “if $IsALoop and ($RT::LoopsToOwner and not

  • Also added a little bit of docs for RT::ticket::Create() - Priority
    is a valid arg also.

  • ModifyTicket includes CommentOnTicket and ReplyToTicket rights;
    this effects display of “[Reply] [Comment]” links per transaction

  • Applied patch to rt-mailgate from bobg at the domain of uic.edu to
    exit if
    there is no content on standard input


  • drop.Oracle now drops the attributes table.

  • Postgres doesn’t use ‘#’ as a comment character. Updated some schema

  • Warn if running MySQL < 4.0.x or without InnoDB

  • Suggest something slightly more useful if we don’t have InnoDB and
    we’re running MySQL 3.23

Cron tool

  • Crontool additions to support scripted notifications [Tara Andrews,
    for BPS]

Web backend

  • Make standalone_httpd use $RT::Mason::Handler like other
    mason_handler progs

  • Eliminate -w warning emitted from Handler.pm.

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