RT 3.2.1 Query Builder Docs

I need to give a presentation to our end-users on how to search for
tickets (so they can refer to old tickets when asking questions).

I have a draft manual from April 13th 2003, is there anything newer?
Especially something containing the new Query Builder?

Has anyone already created docs on how to use the new Query Builder that
I can use?

Some people were stumbling on using the “Created Before” date format.
If you use “5/31/2004” it silently ignores that criteria. But if you
use the same format as the tickets: “Mar 31 16:24:11 2004” it appears to

Also I’m wondering what exactly the “Simple Search” in the upper
right-hand corner searches against. It appears to search Tickets.id for
all tickets and Tickets.Subject for currently new/open tickets, but I’d
like to know precisely what it is searching.