RT 3.2.1 / Multiple Queue Permissions Issue

I have an installation of RT 3.2.1 that started out as 3.0.7 and
has been upgraded to 3.2.1. The load is a RedHat Enterprise 3.0
box with PostgreSQL as its backend and Perl 5.8.5.

I have had a queue setup (old queue) for sometime where e-mails can be
created via e-mail from users that don’t already exist in the system.
They can also comment on tickets and create additional tickets with no

I have setup another queue (new queue) where I would like users to have
the same ability, but what I have found is that if the user is already
pre-existing (sent an e-mail for the first time to old queue) that they
can not create a ticket in this new queue. If the user hasn’t been
introduced to the system, then the ticket will get created just fine in the
new queue.

It gets more confusing when a user that was introduced to the system for
the first time by sending an e-mail to the new queue can also create
tickets via e-mail in the old queue with no issues.

I am using global rights for ticket creation and modification. I have
tried to set queue rights of the same nature as the global rights in hopes
to correct the issues I am seeing to no avail.

Error Message for prexisting users sending to new queue:

Sep 15 14:17:11 miller RT: No permission to create tickets in the queue
’SOECS General Tickets’ (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm:657)
Sep 15 14:17:11 miller RT: Create failed: 0 / 0 / No permission to create
tickets in the queue ‘SOECS General Tickets’

Log messages for new users sending to the new queue:

Sep 15 14:23:14 miller RT: Ticket 401 created in queue ‘SOECS General
Tickets’ by dhageman@gmail.com (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Ticket_Overlay.pm:695)

Any ideas?

D. Hageman dhageman@eecs.ku.edu
Information Specialist 3042 Eaton Hall
University of Kansas 785.864.3923