RT: 3.2.0: No links in search results

Just to let you know:

I have been using RT 3.0.11 since it was released and upgraded to RT 3.2.0
yesterday. I got some strange behaviours, so I decided to move away my
whole /opt/rt3 directory and run a “make install” instead of “make

After this I got a working RT, but none of my search results contained any
links. (This applied to the two boxes on the “Home” page, and the results
of manual queries.)

I solved the issue by manually upgrading all perl modules listed when
running “make testdeps” (perl -MCPAN -e 'install ').

I haven’t got a clue on which of the upgrades that actually solved it,
though, but I’d guess that at leat one dependency should be changed.

Apart from this, RT 3.2.0 is really something! Thanks for a superb

Regards - Anders Ekstrand

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