Rt 3.1.2 - development version

RT 3.1.2 is now available. This release includes most of the core
functionality changes that will be included in RT 3.2.0. It is not yet
suitable for production use. There is, as yet, no upgrade procedure
from RT 3.0.x, though it’s not going to be as rough as RT 2.0 to RT 3.0
was. Notable changes:

* Massive refactoring of the Scrips system
* Scrip previews
* Per-ticket "squelch lists" for recipients
* "Attributes on any object in the system
* Saved searches (semi-functional)
* Much more capable search query and format builders. 

This version of RT contains previews of the RT journal and scope system.
These systems may or may not be released as part of RT 3.2.0.

This version of RT is expected to crash and be only semi-functional at
the moment, though it’s improving every day. Feel free to play around.
We’re not interested in bug reports on this code just yet, but patches
are definitely welcome.


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