RT 3.0 Beta 2

I’m pleased to announce RT 3.0 Beta 2. This release is identical to the
2-1-75 development snapshot. It contains a number of improvements and
bug fixes relative to Beta 1, released several weeks ago. A brief list
of those changes:

* Updated Ticket search infrastructure (including a number of bug
  fixes and several performance improvements)

* New API functions to make building custom UI with custom
  fields easier

* Login copyright notice corrected
* Cleanups and fixes to the callback system
* Fixes to Transaction Create to better check for bogus data
* Minor fixes to Scrip Editing
* Various minor UI enhancements
* "Resolved" date now gets set on Resolve, Reject or Delete.
* If a message can't be transcoded to UTF-8, RT now tries much
  more carefully to do something useful with the message
* Scrips are now installed by default.
* Scrips for approvals are now installed by default
* "Open Ticket on Correspond" functionality has been extracted
  to a scrip
* Infrastructure for database additions during upgrades has been
  put in place
* Removed some legacy code 
* Web interface keyboard navigation has been improved
* When sending notifications via scrips, RT can now optionally
  attach attachments to messages it sends if the scrip's 
  template contains the header "RT-Attach-Message: yes"
* Fixed a bug that prevented updates by mail from new users
* RT now provides much more detailed and much more useful
  logging for messages it sends via scrips
* RT's default password hashing algorithm has been switched to
  MD5, to work around buggy GlibC crypt implementations.
  (Though current crypted passwords will continue to work)

At this point, our 3.0 showstopper list is fairly short:

* Update translations (Several pending commit at this moment)
* The new CLI needs to be completed and integrated
* The SelfService UI needs to be brought up to spec for 3.0

You can pick up the new release at



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