RT-3.0-Beta-2 with mod_perl2. I got index.html working right

Per a thread you two mentioned at the beginning of February in the
rt-users list…


I have a working config using mod_perl2, rt-3.0-beta-2 and Mason.

This was driving me crazy, and finally I hit on this solution that seems
to work:

<LocationMatch "/rt2/>
AddHandler perl-script .html
PerlHandler RT::Mason

This worked much better than using a “SetHandler perl-script” line. I
think that Mason and RT get confused about handling directory entries,
etc. even when they are index.html files per you DirectoryIndex command.

Using the AddHandler rather than SetHandler seems to have done the
trick, and RT actually behaves for me.

I didn’t join the list since I don’t need any extra email right now, but
I got this working and thought you might like to know, since I didn’t
see any followup to the list. Feel free to include this info if you
mail back to the list.

Thank you for the followup. Was that a typo up there, such that we should
do ‘s/rt2/rt3/g’


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