RT 3.0.5 - in the logs - Can't locate object method "_RecordCache" via package "RT::Handle"

Did anyone ran into this yet with RT 3.0.5?
I’ve upgraded from 3.0.5pre3 to 3.0.5 yesterday and I have this in apache’s

[Wed Sep 17 16:08:09 2003] [error] Can’t locate object method "_RecordCache"
via package “RT::Handle” at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Record/Cachable.pm line

The user gets 500 Internal server error.

This happens from time to time… while clicking on a ticket, to display it,
or going to the main page.

Running with apache 1.3.28, mod_perl1, mysql4.

perl sbin/rt-test-dependencies --with-mysql --with-modperl1

returns everything OK.

Searching the mailing list didn’t return me any hits…

Thanks in advance,