RT 3-0-4 perl & mysql

Hello Jesse,
I noticed the new RT has Perl 5.6.1 & Mysql 3.23.46 currently deprecated.
Does this mean that you just don’t support it if it has bugs, or that it
just won’t work?

Nothing changed in 3.0.4 to break those versions, but we’ve found that
in the field, they’re just not robust and reliable for production use.
You can hand-build perl, you know. And mysql 4 is much, much faster.


If it should not work then I’ll just use 3-0-3. The reason we are still
using perl 5.6.1 and Mysql 3.23 is because we use Solaris 9 and that does
not come with perl 5.8.0. Solaris 10 should but that will come out until
the fall.


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You can also get Perl 5.8.0 built for Soloris 9 from http://www.sunfreeware.com.

Just use pkgrm on the old packages (on my system it’s SUNWpl5p, SUNWpl5p and SUNWpl5m).
Then you can 'pkgadd -d '.

While you’re there, get ‘tar’ because the Solaris version has a problem and you can also do ‘-xzf’ to untar gzipped tars without having to ‘gunzip’ them first.


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