RT 3.0.3pre4

RT 3.0.3pre4 should be somewhat better about various database issues
folks have been seeing with postgres and non-ascii messages. I’d like
everyone who’s been having issues with 3.0.3pre3 and earlier to give me
a thumbs up / thumbs down on this pre-release.

Additionally, this rev rolls back the new acl cache code, as it wasn’t
quite baked yet.

Project “rt.3”, Branch 0 Page 1
Change Log Fri Jun 13 18:27:27 2003

rt.3.D000, C0, jesse, Thu Mar 13 20:43:23 2003, RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.
RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.

Change Delta  Brief Description
 129     96	  Various fixes from a pull-up of the ourinternet branch
 128     97	  #2605 - SpamAssassin Filter returns the wrong codes on
 127     98	  Fixes the cascading style sheet to properly reference message
 130     99	  Attempting to be smarter about guessing encodings for outgoing
 131    100	  Fixing search navigation links (they were made to disappear)
 132    101	  #2776 - 'new' ACL cache had bad behaviour. rolled back to
	  older cache and added tests
 133    102	  On postgres, RT didn't previously cope well with multipart
	  messages including non-plain parts containing non-ascii
 135    103	  Efficiency tweaks for WhoHaveRight
 136    104	  Bumping version to RT 3.0.3pre4

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