RT-3.0.2pre5: Last Contact not set?

‘Last Contact’ is not set automatically set upon ticket correspondence
with my installation.

My Scrips:

On Correspond Open Tickets with template Blank
On Create Autoreply To Requestors with template Autoreply
On Create Notify AdminCcs with template Transaction
On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Admin Comment
On Resolve Notify Requestors with template Resolved
User Defined Notify AdminCcs with template Admin Correspondence
(this is Peter Burkholder’s unowned correspondence Condition)
On Correspond Notify Owner with template Correspondence
On Correspond Notify Requestors with template Correspondence

Also, my boss noticed You could click on ‘Last Contact’ in RT2 to set
it to the current date (which we liked to do in case of phone calls).
This seems to be missing for RT3.

Harald Wagener * FCB/Wilkens * An der Alster 42 * 20099 Hamburg