Rt 3.0.2

RT 3.0.2 corrects a number of oversights and issues in RT 3.0.1,
chief among them a tainting issue with the FastCGI handler and
a number of UTF-8 bugs. Some users have reported that there are
additional UTF-8 issues remaining. These will be addressed as quickly as
we can get to them.

This version is recommended for all current users of RT 3.0.1. Aside
from the version #, RT 3.0.2 is identical to RT 3.0.2pre6; There is no
need to upgrade from that version.

Grab it now from:



Project “rt.3”, Branch 0 Page 1
Change Log Mon May 12 20:31:30 2003

rt.3.D000, C0, jesse, Thu Mar 13 20:43:23 2003, RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.
RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.

Change Delta  Brief Description
  63     38	  Fixing a showmessagestanza bug found in RTIR
  65     39	  Fixing an untainting bug in 3.0.1
  66     40	  Quicksearch bug fix from Stan
  69     43	  make ids clicky
  72     46	  bulk links
  75     48	  bumped version to 3.0.2pre5; attachments performance fixes;
	  utf-8 mailgateway fixes; more extension hooks; template
	  updates for approvals
  76     49	  [#2437] CanonicalizeEmailAddress fixes; [# 2449] html fixes
	  for right editing; [# 2457] email addresses weren't always
	  being canonicalized
  77     50	  Fixing bogus anchor tags
  78     51	  More performance work on WhoHaveRight; removing an extra join
  79     52	  Cleaning up RT tag processing
  80     53	  Importing utf8 fixes, _Vendor overlay support from ourinternet
  82     55	  Bumping the version to RT 3.0.2

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