RT 3.0.2 - Web interface and intl. chars

Hello everybody,

after upgrading to RT 3.0.2, some parts of the web interface display
international characters incorrectly.

The problem seems to come from the L10N filter “…/share/html/l” when
calling “$hand->maketext($m->content, @);" with "@” being non empty.
(“maketext” then maps all array elements with “Encode::_utf8_on” before

For example, in the mainpage header, the “Logged in as …” is displayed
incorrectly (when translated). The problem also occurs in tickets history
(mainly in the ticket status change lines).

I added some debugging code to “…/share/html/l” and it appears that the
utf8 Perl internal flag is on for every string localized with arguments,
while it’s not set for all other strings.

Does anyone has similar problems ?
(I use Apache 1.3.27, Perl 5.8, mod_perl 1.27 on RH 7.3, LANG=en_US.iso885915)

R�my Chibois