RT 3.0.1pre2

I expect to release RT 3.0.1 on monday. At the moment, it’s 10 pm
on a friday and there’s a roaring party downstairs. I’m off to
make sure the guests haven’t yet lit the sofa on fire. That’s
scheduled for rather later in the evening.


Here’s what we’ve got so far since 3.0.0:

  32     19	  Added better error checking for failed ticket creation
  33     20	  A tiny bit of extra data passing for some callbacks
  35     21	  New czech translation
  37     22	  Updated dependencies
  36     23	  Updated Spanish translation
  38     24	  Updates for RT RPC interface from AMS
  39     25	  Many users should be able to have a blank address; neew test
	  suite to ensure this
  50     26	  Integrating rafael's failing test suite and proposed fix from
  51     27	  Changing address used in example to not send mail to author
  52     28	  More I18N testing  for rafael
  53     29	  Added preliminary left to right hebrew translation
  55     30	  #2365 Removing outdated Mason setup parameter
  56     31	  fixes for mail authentication/authorization
  57     32	  fixing binary attachment corruption
  58     33   Better binary attachment fixes
  59     34   Bumping to 3.0.0pre2

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