RT 3.0.11 pre-releasenotes

Attached are the draft release notes for 3.0.11


Web UI

RT is now more careful about the URLs of pages it sends you to after
a "quick search"

Fix to enable searching Cc and AdminCc from Ruslan

Fix for proper display of ScripId when editing scrips from Ruslan

Added a patch from Dirk Pape to hide disabled groups by default

#5278: Made the length of the "MyRequests" list configurable in
RT's config file

Fixed a spelling error: Separate, not seperate.  Applied patch
in ticket #5319.

Fixed possible corruption after repeated searches, from Ruslan

Only show users, not groups in the "About this requestor" box

Pulled in QueryString from RT 3.1+ for REST (Atom) API support

Email handling

RT previously split stored headers on newlines. The new regexp
better matches what the RFC says it should

#5135: RT previously generated Email subject lines that violated
RFC 2047

Commandline interface

#5189: updated bin/rt to support default query and order (#4638)
cli cookie handling improved from Muncus

Corrected a section of the documentation for rt per Ticket #4618
#5303: Added support for piping reply messages from STDIN


#5238: [rt-users] Patch: Mason Profiing under FastCGI

Added back a missing test file

DTRT with autocreating user real names and email addresses when
adding watchers (not just when the user is created via email).
We were needlessly including the "Principals" table in a query. It
hurt postgres perf significantly

Altered a Groups join to be a bit more efficient

Backported ticket searching fixes from 3.1;

Fixed an issue that could cause multiline rt-send-cc and
rt-send-bcc headers to be truncated

#5592: Don't display an empty RT-Send-Bcc header if there were
no bccs

Clean up temporary files more agressively

Users->Limit should specify ENTRYAGGREGATOR.  This was always
true, but DBIx::SearchBuilder makes it obvious.

RT now handles localization slightly better when there aren't
yet any users.

Fix for a false positive error about directory permissions when
opening the rt logfile from Ruslan

A patch to generate better SQL when searching on attachment
content. Backported from 3.1

Backport Date->W3CDTF from rt-3.3 for REST 2.0.Applied a patch from #5286, from Paulo Matos <pjsm@fct.unl.pt>
to standardize how users are autocreated

Reworked RT::User->Create logic to better handle error
cases. Previously, if users who didn't have the right to modify
others' group memberships created users, the new users could be
created as "orphans"

Syslog configuration is now much more flexible and can be
controlled from RT's configuration file (#4717)


Applied Paulo Matos's <pjsm@fct.unl.pt> patch from #5401.
Support System Role groups in rt-setup-database.

RT requires perl 5.8.3 to work correctly. The dependency checking
tool has been enhanced to enforce this requirement.
  • Jesse Vincent:

Email handling

RT previously split stored headers on newlines. The new regexp
better matches what the RFC says it should

Does this fix issue #5248?

Current mail filters: many dial-up/DSL/cable modem hosts, and the
following domains: bigpond.com, di-ve.com, hotmail.com, jumpy.it,
libero.it, netscape.net, postino.it, simplesnet.pt, spymac.com,
tatanova.com, tiscali.co.uk, tiscali.cz, tiscali.it, voila.fr, yahoo.com.