RT 2 -> 3 import problem

Jesse, Thanks for revamping the import script! The imports appear to
be going further than before.

But. :slight_smile: While it is running to completion now (v1.7 was dying on the
first ticket import), I am getting many (probably 30-40) messages saying
something to the effect as follows:

[error]: Failed to create user Data error: Name in use 


Upon successful(?) completion, when I load up RT, I find users and
queues are imported, but no tickets. When I search for tickets, I find

I’m only importing 443 tickets. Import was done on a fresh DB (ie
just initialized). Can you help identify the problem?

Thanks much!


One other note… It appears the data is being imported to the database.
That is, when I look at the “Tickets” table, it is fully populated.

Hmm… maybe I should try a reinstall…


Eric Horne wrote: