RT 2.1.88 ; RTFM 2.0 Beta 2

2.1.88 features a new readme (which points at documentation that doesn’t
exist yet), a configure enhancement to help users not shoot themselves
in the foot and a small tweak to enable new functionality in RTFM 2.0
Beta 2.

RTFM 2.0 beta 2 should be gentler on your filesystem than 2.0 beta 1 was
and it adds back the ability to reply to a ticket with an article’s
content. (This was left out of 2.0 beta 1).

It’s my intent to roll RT 3.0.0 Release Candidate 1 on Friday, March 14.

You may notice that the cli is still missing from this release. I’m
saddened to report that the CLI’s schedule has slipped to the point
where it wasn’t reasonable to hold up the rest of RT 3 for it. It is
fully our intent to ship a beta CLI as soon as humanly possible (as an
addon to 3.0.x) and to integrate it into a 3.0.x point release as soon
as we’re sure it’s not going to make users cry.


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