Rt 2-1-83 customfields query


i was playing around with the selfservice html files and
added some additional info for our customers.

nothing fancy and pretty clear but i was not able to see
any output from the customer fields.

i can see my additional fields when i log in as prviliged user.

that’s weird, because the querys are pretty straight forward to
implement, but i don’t get anything !

this is what i added


% my @entry_fields; % while (my $CustomField = $CustomFields->Next()) { % my $Values = $Ticket->CustomFieldValues($CustomField->Id); <%$CustomField->Name%>: % while (my $Value = $Values->Next()) { <%$Value->Content%>
% } % unless ($Values->Count()) { <&|/l&>(no value) % } % } <%INIT> my $CustomFields = $Ticket->QueueObj->CustomFields(); >>> (copied from the ShowCustomFields)

any help is greatly appreciated !