RT 2.1.78 is out now

Aside from the new CLI, and rt2 import tool, the current bug list for RT 2.1 has minor
cosmetic and usability issues on it, but no show-stoppers. If you’ve
got something you consider to be a show-stopper, please report it to
rt-3.0-bugs@fsck.com ASAP.




rt.2.1.D236, C256, jesse, Sun Mar 2 15:56:41 2003, finish bumping to 2.1.78From: Jesse Vincent jesse@eris
Date: Sun Mar 2 15:56:14 2003

rt.2.1.D235, C255, jesse, Sun Mar 2 15:53:23 2003, Fix a tainting issue in
2.1.77; Fix a prefs typo in 2.1.77; add www-automate to the dev requirements;
new tests for the web ui. bump to 2.1.78
From: Jesse Vincent jesse@eris
Date: Sun Mar 2 15:52:51 2003

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