RT 2.1.58 - Alpha 2 pre-release

Today’s release:

* refactors ACL checks to the "Principal" object where they
  belong. (This may mean that there's a simplification I can
  make to the groups system, but that's got to be looked at

* significantly refactors and cleans up the mail gateway's code.
  At this point, I'd be comfortable running the new mail gateway
  on a publically accessable server that I'm responsible for.

* Integrates Rob Spier's new Tickets.pm.  The module has been
  completely gutted and redone.  In the future, users will be
  able to enter complex ticket searches in an SQL-like language

* fixes a few small random bugs.

It is my intent that this release will be marked as "RT 3.0 Alpha 2"
when I get a chance to write some release notes, assuming that
nobody finds something horrifically bad in the meantime.


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