Rt 2.1.3

A new release of aegis, which fixed a bug that was blocking me
from doing more 2.1 releases, came out yesterday. In celebration,
I rolled RT 2.1.3. Since the last release:

* A bunch more tests in the test suite. 
* Most of the Custom Fields core work has been done.
  (Stil missing searching and CLI support, but I really 
   want the CLI gutted for 2.2)
* Localization core is in
* Ported to Mason 1.09 (1.10 beta series)
  (FastCGI handler isn't happy on my box, due to a mason bug)
* Web localization framework is in
* A couple templates and modules have been localized
  as examples
* Some work on installation process

* Other stuff I've forgotten.

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