RT 2.0.7pre1

RT 2.0.7pre1 is a bit of a rush-job to get in the permissions
bug that you just saw mail about. It also includes the new transaction
listing UI. I’d appreciate it if folks could beat on this so it can get
to the masses as 2.0.7 within a few days.

2001-09-10 02:18 jesse

* Makefile:

Bumped the makefile version to 2.0.7pre1

2001-09-10 02:11 jesse

* bin/mason_handler.fcgi, lib/RT/User.pm:

Fixed #883, a permissions caching bug.

Added the Text::Wrapper dependency to mason_handler.fcgi

2001-09-06 15:59 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

Reverted reopen on correspondence to 1.0 behaviour

2001-09-06 15:41 jesse

* webrt/SelfService/Display.html:

make row coloring alternate in selfservice transaction history

2001-09-06 15:39 jesse

* webrt/SelfService/Display.html:

Fixed cell spacing in selfservice transaction display

2001-09-06 15:33 jesse

* bin/webmux.pl, webrt/SelfService/Display.html,
webrt/Ticket/Display.html, webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory,

Cleaned up the web ticket transaction display.

2001-09-06 15:32 jesse

* lib/RT/: ObjectKeyword.pm, Queue.pm:

Added some docs.
Started refactoring Ticket statuses.

2001-09-06 15:32 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

$Ticket->SetTold  now optionally takes a date to set it to.

2001-09-06 15:30 jesse

* bin/rt:

Fixing some docs in bin/rt

2001-09-05 11:00 jesse

* webrt/Elements/: Header, Refresh:

Fix for #823 from martin@schapendonk.org
	Refresh now allows you to turn off refresh.

2001-09-01 19:01 jesse

* webrt/Elements/MessageBox:

Fix for [fsck.com #803] Jumbo recording comments accidentally

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