RT 2.0.60 / Data migration

RT 2.1.60 now exists. It contains a number of I18N fixes, the requisite
set of bug fixes and and a bunch of enhancements to support…data
migration from RT 2.0. I’m attaching the prototype data migration tools
here. I’d appreciate it if folks would test out data migration, but I
strongly recommend that nobody attempt to migrate a production RT
instance with them yet.


They don't import your Templates. If you've changed them you'll
need to migrate them by hand.

They don't get all Scrips correct just yet.

They're not optimized for large ticket loads.  If you attempt to
import 20,000 tickets with these tools, you're going to be an
unhappy camper.  Once we're reasonably confident that the tools
are importing data correctly, they'll be refactored to handle
large loads more gracefully.

2.0-export > dumpfile # will create a dump of your running RT2 instance

2to3 dumpfile # will turn a virgin rt3 instance into a clone of your RT2


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2.0-export (8.93 KB)

2to3 (13.9 KB)