Rt 2.0.15

I’m pleased to announce RT 2.0.15, this is a minor release which
corrects several issues in 2.0.14 and works around bugs in certain
versions of perl’s MailTools suite. This version is identical to RT
2.0.15pre1, released for testing approximately 6 weeks ago.

Users of previous 2.0.x versions of RT are encouraged to upgrade at
their convenience.

The new version is immediately available from:



RT-Ticket: 1586
This patch allows installation of RT's libraries when using DESTDIR


RT-Ticket: 1589
A bug in the external MailTools distribution introduced extraneous
whitespace into loop identifiers. this problem could result in RT 
getting into feedback loops.

RT-Ticket: 1594
Fixed quoting of sender names in "From" headers.


Added a new debian packaging


Fixed the readme about fastcgi
Fixing the apache.conf example

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