Rt 2.0.10

I’ve just released RT 2.0.10. Among other things, it should be MUCH faster on postgres-based
RT installs with, say, greater than 5000 tickets.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season,


RT 2.0.10 release notes


Bumped DBIx::SearchBuilder dependency to 0.48

Moved us up to a mason 1.02 dependency (Removed code to special
case for bugs in mason < 1.01)


Some stylistic cleanups to the Makefile from blair.

Cleaned up a template to display Ticket subject, if no transaction
subject is given.


rtadmin had some issues where it would assume a 'name' if called
without --name for user group and queue editing.

	added support for --version, fixed --status = !closed,
	documented --merge-into fixed typos that stopped
	--limit-subject --limit-requestors and --limit-body from
	working fix for setting priority when creating tickets

Web UI

Fixed an unclosed anchor which caused IE to render ticket
listings wrong.

Reordered the order that Basics actions are committed, so that
Queue changes come after other changes, so that users don't move
tickets out of a queue before they have a chance to update them.

Some small UI cleanups from Hakke

In searches, Priority can now have = and != searches

From the ticket update page, we now pass in ticket Id, so that
"owner" will show users who only have rights to that ticket.

"Logout" no longer shows up when using external authentication
with the SelfService web ui

Mail gateway

Added support for --ticket-id-from-extension to rt-mailgate. With
this new flag, you can send mail to rt+<ticketid>@domain


Ticket listings will no longer show tickets which have been
merged into others.

We now prevent users from futzing with Nobody or RT_System,

Standardised on "Permission Denied" instead of having some
"Permission denied". Thanks, Simon.

Addition to Ticket->Import, so you can set owner by name.

Fix for a bug in Ticket->AddWatcher that would let privileged
watchers without email addresses add others as watchers.

For postgres, We now default to case sensitive searches, rather
than case-insensitive ones.  (This should speed up Pg a LOT. We
specifically do case-insensitive searching for the 13 attributes
that matter:

	Watcher->Email User->name User->Email User->Gecos
	Ticket->Subject Queue->Name KeywordSelect->Name
	Keyword->Name ObjectKeyword->Name Attachment->Subject
	Attachment->Content Attachment->Headers

Cleaned up seph's patch for null email address users. this
enabled me to actually really properly support users with no
email address, which meant there were a couple other cleanups
to go through too.

Added checks to make sure that duplicate watchers aren't created.

FinalPriority should no-longer get set to null if a ticket
doesn't have the attribute set on create

Untake's arguments were debognifed

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