Rt 2.0.10 has destroyed my database, kinda

Hi everyone,

I figured I’d give 2.0.10 an install on our production machine. So I checked the deps, made the new ones, installed, everything looked great. However, now, we’re getting a reproducable error:

Say I go into a queue, and it has 5 new tickets, 4 on the exact same subject or whatever. So I go into ticket #3, and merge it with ticket #2, which is the same. It tells me it’s merged. From that point on, no matter what I do, it makes all the other new tickets dissappear, and it just shows the ticket I merged, nothing else. no changing of the search parameters will help, the search just thinks that 1 ticket is the only ticket in the entire db. If I type in an individual ticket # and go to it, it’s fine…

Of course, I’m doing this after having just been woken up after 2 hours of sleep by a frantic guy in my NOC, so…:slight_smile:

Help!!! Please? :frowning: