Rt 1.3.81

Cleaned up most of the remaining known bugs. (As opposed to unimplemented
features or unknown bugs) Still gotta check out the Attachment viewing issue.

2001-05-29 00:38 jesse

* Makefile:

Bumped version to 1.3.81

2001-05-28 20:39 jesse

* bin/webmux.pl:

Removed a bogus line from webmux

2001-05-28 20:29 jesse

* lib/RT/: Ticket.pm, Interface/Web.pm:

Work to solve 325: updating detritus in update listing

2001-05-28 17:35 jesse

* bin/rt, etc/schema.mysql, etc/schema.pm, lib/RT/Ticket.pm,
lib/RT/Interface/CLI.pm, webrt/Ticket/Attachment/dhandler:

Work on the CLI to resolve #482.  Can't add content when creating tix with the CLI
Do a bunch of better error checking on ticket creation.

Generalized the ticket status checking code.

Added another index on Attachments for increased speed.

2001-05-28 15:49 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

Removed code which auto-opened tickets that were new.  It should
be a scrip and it's too late in teh release cycle to do this right now.

2001-05-28 15:24 jesse

* webrt/SelfService/: Details.html, Elements/MyRequests:

Fixed #506. Non-priv user can't see tickets

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