RT 1.3.78 - lots and lots of bug fixes


Lots and lots of bug fixes. We’re now at one bug and 5 work items for Beta 3.

The work items range from “an hour” to “a couple of days” each. But we’re definitely getting close.

2001-05-21 16:37 jesse

* Makefile:

bumped version to 1.3.78

2001-05-21 16:36 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm, webrt/Ticket/Display.html:

Tickets now open when they're new and get acted on.

2001-05-21 16:09 jesse

* lib/RT/Action/: Autoreply.pm, SendEmail.pm:

Fix for Ticket #481 $CorrespondAddress= variable in config.pm doesn't work

2001-05-21 15:54 jesse

* webrt/Elements/MessageBox:

Added a space at teh end of the line, per the standard convention for signature

2001-05-21 15:54 jesse

* webrt/Elements/MessageBox:

If the user doesn't have a signature, don't include signature dashes

2001-05-21 15:17 jesse

* lib/RT/Tickets.pm, webrt/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:

Dead tickets aren't searchable via the ui anymore.
ModifyAll is a bit smarter about what to let people do.

2001-05-21 14:02 jesse

* lib/RT/Keyword.pm, webrt/Admin/Keywords/index.html:

Editing keywords without permission now actually tells you so.

2001-05-21 13:32 jesse

* webrt/Admin/: Global/Scrips.html, Queues/Scrips.html:

Users without permission to delete scrips now get a proper permission denied.

2001-05-21 13:20 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/: Update.html, Elements/Tabs:

The ticket update form is now a little smarter about only letting people perform
updates that they have the right to perform.

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