Rt 1.3.74

Hey! Look! It’s yet another thrilling release on the trail to Beta 3.
(1.3.73 was never announced. It got rolled 5 seconds before a bug report
came in :wink:


    Users can now edit their own password from preferences.
    Now depends on a better version of Cachable.
    Fewer memory leaks.
    More performance optimizations.
    Better memory utilization.
    Switched from Date::Manip to Date::Parse

2001-05-16 17:30 jesse

* Makefile:

bumped to 1.3.74

2001-05-16 17:30 jesse

* webrt/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:

Fixed a small bug in Groups editing

2001-05-16 17:21 jesse

* tools/testdeps:

Bumped version to 1.3.73.
Bumped dependency on searchbuilder to 0.33

2001-05-16 17:15 jesse

* webrt/: Elements/TitleBoxStart, Ticket/Update.html,

The quick link for 'Resolve' now requests that the user enter a ticket update

2001-05-16 15:45 jesse

* README, lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm, tools/testdeps,

Added some documentation about what to do if the install fails.

Specified a minimum working version of DBD::mysql.

Fixed support for entering updates via the webui.

2001-05-15 00:55 jesse

* lib/RT/Action/Autoreply.pm:

Fixed a typo that broke autoreplies

2001-05-15 00:37 jesse

* tools/testdeps:

added Errno dependency

2001-05-14 23:44 jesse

* etc/config.pm, tools/insertdata, webrt/Admin/Queues/People.html:

Cleaned up a bit of phrasing. cleaned up some extra /s in urls.

2001-05-14 22:49 jesse

* Makefile, bin/mason_handler.fcgi, bin/mason_handler.scgi, bin/rt,
bin/webmux.pl, lib/Makefile.PL, lib/RT/Date.pm,
lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm, tools/testdeps:

Switched from Date::Manip To Graham Barr's Date::Parse

2001-05-14 18:58 jesse

* lib/RT/Scrips.pm, lib/RT/Ticket.pm, lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm,
webrt/Ticket/Display.html, webrt/Ticket/Elements/Tabs:

Work on the web frontend. the "quick" links have been cleaned up and decomplexified.

2001-05-14 17:11 jesse

* lib/RT/User.pm, lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm,
webrt/Admin/Groups/Modify.html, webrt/Admin/Users/Modify.html:

Cleaned up bugs related to spurious extra display of information in user and group modification and ACL deletion
when the user didn't have the right to do so.

2001-05-13 23:05 jesse

* webrt/Admin/Users/index.html:

no longer provide a link to create a new user to someone who doesn't have rights to do so.

2001-05-13 22:49 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm, tools/insertdata, webrt/Ticket/Modify.html:

yanked bogus Ticket Queue caching
rephrased ticket creation autoreply

2001-05-13 22:15 jesse

* webrt/User/Prefs.html:

Added a hack to make sure that session gets written to disk

2001-05-13 22:11 jesse

* webrt/User/Prefs.html:

more work on letting users edit their own passwords

2001-05-13 21:40 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/: Attachment/dhandler, Elements/ShowTransaction:

Fix for #433. now attachements are displayable after merges.

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