Rt 1.3.69

RT 1.3.69 adds a new entry to one of the database tables as part of a fix
for Autoreply. If you’re upgrading an existing installation, you’ll need
to unsert the following into your database. If your’re doing a fresh
installation, this will be taken care of for you.

The fix for autoreply also involves changing the Action for your “autoreply”
scrip from “notify requestor” to “autoreply”.

INSERT INTO ScripActions VALUES (12,‘AutoreplyToRequestor’,‘Always sends a message to the requestor independent of message sender’,‘Autoreply’,‘Requestor’,1,‘2001-04-03 13:37:01’,1,‘2001-04-03 13:37:01’);

Below, for your reading pleasure, is an abbreviated change log relative to 1.3.68. Unless there are any crashing or dataloss bugs that anyone picks up by
some arbitrarily defined time tomorrow, I’ll send out mail to rt-announce and
freshmeat that this is beta 2.

2001-04-04 00:19 jesse

bumping version for release

2001-04-03 21:08 jesse

Added configuration tweak to not set a :; To header if the user doesn't want it.

2001-04-03 17:05 jesse

removed a couple of stray 's in the html

2001-04-03 16:50 jesse

Dropped doctype back to 4.0 because 4.01 makes mozilla render things funny

2001-04-03 16:30 jesse

Added a feature request/patch from nick@netability.ie

2001-04-03 16:01 jesse

Adding in testing for params::validate 0.02

2001-04-03 15:40 jesse

Fixed autoreply by adding a new scrip. some misc. cleanup in SendEmail (method calls were on the wrong object)

2001-04-03 15:15 jesse

Fixed a bug in the 'blacklist' regexp

2001-04-03 15:04 jesse

Two seperate fixes for the "RT doesn't send mail" problem. One that helps fix Mail::Internet->send
and one that provides an alternative.

A fix for a bad link in ShowRequestor.

Updating fields via the web ui should now be a bit more descriptive

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