Rt 1.3.67

RT 1.3.67 has a couple of HTML fixes and one “major” change
to the way that we handle web based ACL editing.
The new UI isn’t as space efficient. It is, however, about
a bazillion times faster to display and a bit easier to use
on browsers that choke on “Select MULTIPLE” form elements.

I’ve got one more thing to go in for Beta2: some sort of
automated handling of incoming CCs on ticket creation.
1.3.68 will have that change. Depending on feedback, I’ll roll
something called “Beta 2” on tuesday or wednesday.


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A REAL sysadmin challenge is “resurrect five dead mailserver while so ripped
to the gills on mdma that you can’t focus on any given line of text for more
than 10 seconds continuously.”
-Nathan Mehl