Rt 1.3.65


pallas:/tmp/rt-1-3-65# more ChangeLog
2001-03-30 02:55 jesse

    * Makefile:

    Bumped the version

2001-03-30 02:37 jesse

    * webrt/Elements/SelectDate:

    Fixed an as-yet-untickled bug in SelectDate that incremented things too


2001-03-30 02:32 jesse

    * lib/RT/Template.pm, webrt/Admin/Global/Scrips.html:

    Fixes to template creation. stupid typo.
    Global scrips creation should now work better

2001-03-30 02:12 jesse

    * webrt/: Admin/Elements/GroupTabs, Admin/Groups/Members.html,
    Admin/Groups/Modify.html, Admin/Users/Modify.html,

    Fix for PseudoGroups having a prompt to add members.
    some cleanups to not make the "Results" box pop up when it's not wanted.

2001-03-30 01:41 jesse

    * lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

    Attached is a patch to implement the ShowTicketComments in the
    display of transactions of a ticket.

                    Arthur de Jong <arthur@West.NL>

2001-03-30 01:34 jesse

    * lib/RT/Scrip.pm, webrt/Admin/Queues/Scrips.html:

    Fix for 328: Re: [rt-users] 1.3.64 & postgres & scrips
    there was an ACL bug.

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