Rt 1.3.63


2001-03-27 22:26 jesse

    * Makefile, webrt/Admin/Groups/Members.html,

    Added a couple of fixes from Arthur at west.nl
    Groups/Members deals better with multiple selections
    Ticket/Update now displays queue watchers.
    bumped the version to 1.3.63

2001-03-27 04:25 jesse

    * docs/manual.pod, webrt/autohandler, 
    webrt/Admin/Users/index.html, webrt/Elements/ShadedBox,

    Lots of cleanup of the auothandler.
    a tiny bit of doc about an alternative apache configuration.
    some web ui cleanup so that when you are on a page, your location is mor

e properly hilighted.
admin/users includes some more verbiage explaining what’s going on.

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