Rt 1-3-54

Cleanup, simplification, streamlining, bugfixing.

    If you're running 1.3.53 or newer, 'make upgrade-noclobber'
    will get you up to current without much pain at all.

    --id=43-45 should now work. there was a regex typo 
                                    (Thanks, jhutz at cs.cmu.edu)

    A bunch of Ticket modification refactoring and cleanup.
    Added a "ModifyAll" Page at sam hartman's suggestion
    now you can create templates with the web ui.

    Fixed #2 WebRT doesn't refresh searches properly. the oldest bug 
    in the bug tracking system ;)

     Fixed Tickets->Count

    some clarifications to the install procedure.
                                    (thanks racerx at winwin.com)

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