Rt 1.3.100

Minor cleanups and fixes. At the rate we’re going, I expect to announce
2.0 Release Candidate 1 in about a week.

The Not-yet-supported mason_handler.fcgi (fastcgi) is fairly close
to being a viable alternative for those of you who are getting burned
by mod_perl. I just need to make attachment display work. You should note
that this isn’t a release criterion for 2.0.0, just something to do in the
evening when I’m bored :wink:

When looking at tickets from a search, you should now see next / prev links
to navigate the search.


2001-06-13 03:53 jesse

* Makefile:

Bumped version to 1.3.100

2001-06-13 03:52 jesse

* bin/mason_handler.fcgi:

The fastcgi handler works for everything except attachment viewing.  I'm going to have to think a bit about how to set
content type properly in a nice handler-agnostic manner.

2001-06-13 03:51 jesse

* bin/rt-mailgate:

Fixed a warn -> warning in mailgate's logging

2001-06-13 03:50 jesse

* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:

Adjusting spacing

2001-06-13 03:50 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/Tabs:

Added an error check to the new navigation bars to deal with a possible lack of active search

2001-06-12 21:28 jesse

* etc/config.pm:

Clarified required permissions for the RT Logdir

2001-06-12 19:12 jesse

* etc/config.pm, lib/RT/Queue.pm, lib/RT/Transaction.pm:

Cleaned up some docs in config.pm and Queue.pm
Updated the Transaction Descriptions in transaction.pm to make sure
that the Actor is listed.

2001-06-12 18:08 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/Tabs:

Added links to navigate within an existing search.

2001-06-08 23:57 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/EditKeywordSelects:

Made "(empty)" the same between "EditKeywordSelects" and "SearchByKeywordSelect"

2001-06-08 23:51 jesse

* lib/RT/Ticket.pm:

Ability to set owner by name when creating tickets.
Ability to set timeleft when creating tickets

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