Rt 1 --> 2 conversion part 2

This script still fails when run. I can’t not run it, as we have almost 2
years worth of rt tickets… some 40,000 tickets… that can’t be lost. I
was getting an error of invalid queue ‘general’ when I run it, so i did
this in the script:

$RT::Handle->SimpleQuery("DELETE FROM Queues where Name =


The script was wiping out the very queue I was trying to use as soon as it
was run, essentially. Now, it will import the queues and doesn’t bitch
about ‘general’ being an invalid queue. However… I get this error now:

Importing tickets…

1…can’t find queue id for 1
’’ is an invalid value for status
main::MigrateTickets() called at ./import-1.0-to-2.0 line 72

Any help with this? Please? I’m SO close to done with this and it’s
killin’ me. :slight_smile: Thanks, in advance.

Aubrey King
Global Crossing, Ltd.
IP Systems Engineering
Systems Administrator