RT 1.0.x development

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on RT’s stable 1.0.x tree, since we installed in here at
work (CAE at UW Wisconsin Madison). Anyways, I’ve added a couple features
like area filtering, ability to save queue filters for default filters.

I’m working on adding good MIME handling to RT, since alot of users here are
really complaining about it now. As well as more user preferences and
queue preferences.

If people are interested, I would work to make my sources available, -as long
as people don’t complain to me about problems or silly features :))

I’d like to also merge in the rt code up to 1.0.7 before any of this, since
I split of at 1.0.4

I’d like to keep developing on the 1.0.x tree, since at this point, we could
no longer move to say… 1.4.x or whatever the revised RT will be called without
MAJOR headaches and bitching from the staff.

Matt Larson