RT 1.0.7 on FreeBSD 4.2

I had to make two changes to get RT working on FreeBSD. The first is
because there is no “root” group, and the second because copy without
the trailing / creates the directory “generic_templates” in the
destination, also, the directory is created with the same permissions as
the source (i.e. read-only) hence the mkdir, otherwise it fails (note
that the directory ends up read-only anwyay).

diff -ur rt-1.0.7/Makefile rt-1.0.7-ben/Makefile
— rt-1.0.7/Makefile Thu Jan 18 08:18:59 2001
+++ rt-1.0.7-ben/Makefile Sun May 6 11:42:04 2001
@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@
# Main, read-only directories.
chown -R root $(RT_PATH)

  • chgrp -R root $(RT_PATH)
  • chgrp -R wheel $(RT_PATH)
    chmod -R a+r,a-w $(RT_PATH)
    ( cd $(RT_PATH) && find . -type d -exec chmod a+x {} ; )

    Restricted and special access areas.

diff -ur rt-1.0.7/lib/rt/database/admin.pm
— rt-1.0.7/lib/rt/database/admin.pm Wed Jul 7 19:37:10 1999
+++ rt-1.0.7-ben/lib/rt/database/admin.pm Sun May 6 11:58:17 2001
@@ -129,7 +129,8 @@
$query_string=“INSERT INTO queues (queue_id, mail_alias,
m_owner_trans, m_members_trans, m_user_trans, m_user_create,
m_members_corresp,m_members_comment, allow_user_create, default_prio,
default_final_prio) VALUES ($queue_id, $mail_alias, $in_m_owner_trans,
$in_m_members_trans, $in_m_user_trans, $in_m_user_create,
$in_m_members_correspond, $in_m_members_comment, $in_allow_user_create,
$in_default_prio, $in_default_final_prio)”;
$dbh->Query($query_string) or return (0, “[add_modify_queue]
Query had some problem: $Mysql::db_errstr\n$query_string is query\n”);
$< = $>; #set real to effective uid

  •  system("cp", "-rp",


  •  system("mkdir","$template_dir/queues/$in_queue_id");
  •  system("cp", "-rp",

return(1,“Queue $in_queue_id sucessfully created.”);

Apart from that, it seems pretty nice - I’m looking forward to RT 2,
though - I’m guessing that isn’t stable enough to really use yet, is it?




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doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” - Robert Woodruff