Rt 1.0.3

Great application. Our Technical Support department here at the
University of Mississippi is planning to begin using RT next week. We
have been experimenting with using RT this week like it very much.
However, we have a few suggestions:

1 - It would be convenient if RT would set the initial display queue to
the queue you are a member of. Example, if I log in and I am a member
of the “network” queue, rather than see all of the open request in each
queue, RT would set my initial view to my home queue.

2 - Along the same lines, when you click a request, when you click on
the link at the bottom called “Display Queue”, again rather than
returning to your member queue, all open request in all queues are again

This is a little annoying having to keep setting the Queue filter to see
just your member queue. I would appreciate you considering a solution
for this or, maybe there is something I can set in the Makefile that
would do the trick.

Thanks to you all for your hard work in producing such a great web based


Mike Myrick, Manager (662)915-5306
Network Management, Office of Information Technology
University of Mississippi