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For folks who want to play with the rt2 devel branch. this might
make life easier.

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mod_perl / mason RPMs - http://volatile.phrozen.org/mason


it’s really encouraging to see that some would like Mason to be more widely
spread. I’m a college student who just discovered Linux, and I must say that
installing and configuring everything was more troublesome than I would like
it to be. No doubt I learn a lot from the experience, but I feel that Mason
would reach a larger audience if the barriers to entry are not so high.

it’s refreshing to be a part of a community that is not driven by zealotry.
Of course, we are not out for world domination nor do we engage in
unproductive debate about what rulez and what suckz.

Yet, I strongly feel that we need to step up on our marketing efforts and
enlarge the community. For one, when we are using a tool, we are not just
making a statement on its technical excellence. We are buying into its
community as well. If there were more Mason developers, I’m sure we would
have a larger component archive and a more vibrant forum. In the long run,
that leads to better peer support, as well as more reusable code.

Just to give things a start, here are the RPMs that I made for my personal
setup. I used threaded Perl and I’m sure some would disagree with that. Hope
someone can re-package them from the SRPMs. Perhaps a link from the main web
site? http://volatile.phrozen.org/mason

Just out of curiosity, are there any other web sites about Mason around,
apart from http://www.masonhq.com ?

Just my 2 pence. College students really have quite a bit of time on their
hands, so I was hoping to contribute in one way or another.

Kian Win

Mason maillist - Mason@netizen.com.au

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