Rpm packaging for 2-0-6

I’ve created a basic ‘.spec’ file for producing an rpm file from the
rt2 tarball, which I’d like to contribute to rt2. I hope that this is
the best place to send them - let me know if I should just create an rt2
ticket instead…

The normal rt makefile does some configuration steps during installation
of the files and only installs into the ‘final’ run directory. RPM would
like to ‘make install’ into a build directory for packaging, and run any
configuration steps after the files are finally installed, so I’ve also
attached a Makefile patch which lets RPM install into a build directory
and then run the final configuration later with the real runtime


  • The .spec lists all the dependencies from the current deptest script
    (for mysql) as dependencies on ‘perl-Blah-Blah’ rpms. This forces the
    end user to consider the dependencies, but as not all CPAN modules are
    widely available in rpm form, you will probably need to rpm -ivh
    –nodeps the final rpm to get it installed. (We make our own perl rpms
    inhouse, using the makerpm.pl script from CPAN).

  • The postinstall section of the RPM just shows the postinstall
    configuration commands, it doesn’t run them. This is because it will
    probably need the mysql root password, and the user should choose the rt
    database password themselves.

  • I built and tested on rh6.2 with all patches, and rt2 seems to work

  • There’s plenty of extra bells and whistles which could be added, e.g.
    for detecting and running upgrades, choosing and configuring a database
    etc. I can’t offer updates or support for these files - they fit my
    current needs, and I’m happy for them to be useful to anyone else.

Licence: I hereby assign all rights to the attached code to Jesse
Vincent for inclusion into RT2 under the terms of the GPL.

Cris Bailiff,
/dev/secure Pty Ltd

rt.spec (3.3 KB)

rt-Makefile.patch (1.76 KB)