RPM installation madness

I am trying to install rt3-3.6.3-1 build from Fedora Core 6 Extras
.src.rpm on a RHEL4 Update 4 box. The install fails with a long list of
perl dependencies. I found most of them in Fedora Extras… but they
all have more dependencies, and the dependencies have dependencies, and
the dependencies of the dependencies have yet further dependencies. The
further I drill down, the more dependencies I find that I cannot fulfill
with RPMs because there are no RPMs, but the rpm installation will not
accept perl dependencies satisfied via CPAN.

This is like reading 1,001 Arabian Tales How the heck do you get this
to install?

And, yes, I tried with the tarball as well. More endless problems. I
think I have the tarball close to being ready to go, but my head is
ready to explode from perl. It took two days to get to whatever point I
did before I found the rpm, and I really want to go with the rpm
install… if I have to go through this again if/when we need to
upgrade, I think suicide will be a far more attractive option.