Rough notes on RT release engineering

As we’ve rejiggered the repository, the old tools have gotten a bit
clunkier than I’d like, but the new tools have gotten increasingly

So, here’s a braindump on how I’ve created RT 3.8.0rc2 (announcement
The process clearly still needs some work. (And must become automated)

One change I’ve made is that we’re no longer running the output of svn
log --verbose into the dist. It bloats the size by 10% and doesn’t
really provide anything over what you get from svn log. (And anyone
who cares enough will almost certainly want to prod at the repository
for diffs)

Tag the branch

svk br --create 3.8.0rc2 --tag --from 3.8.0-releng --project rt-3.8

Check out the newly tagged version and update the version number.

This is unacceptable for the long-term release process. Perhaps we

want a trivial expression to grab it from the cwd of the checkout

svn co svn+ssh://

Index: (revision 13501)
+++ (working copy)
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@

dnl Setup autoconf
-AC_INIT(RT, 3.7.86, [])
+AC_INIT(RT, 3.8.0rc2, [])

svn ci ‘Bumped the version to 3.8.0rc2 for release’

svn export svn+ssh://
3.8.0rc2 rt-3.8.0rc2

cd rt-3.8.0rc2
INSTALL=install-sh PERL=/usr/bin/perl ./configure --with-db-
type=SQLite --enable-layout=inplace --with-standalone

cd …

tar czvf rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz rt-3.8.0rc2

gpg2 --detach-sign rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz

scp -rvp rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz
scp -rvp rt-3.8.0rc2.tar.gz.sig

PGP.sig (194 Bytes)