Roadmap for Request Tracker


It would be interesting to learn something about the future of RT. The development
seems to have slowed down in recent years.

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It would be very interesting to hear about if there are any plans for a new major release i.e. Request Tracker 5 and what the road map might be. If that is too much, may be just a list of planned features.

Request Tracker is a great tool and IMHO suits most of our needs. But when it comes to UI and usability new people in our company tend to compare it to tools like JIRA, which indeed has a quite modern and practical UI, thus leading to a little bit of frustration when working with RT.

Having had to put up with ticketing/service desk systems with cluttered “modern” web based UIs, I have to say that RT is a refreshing change. A simple, clear user interface is something to be appreciated, not removed!

I totally agree in terms of simplicity, but imho that shouldn’t be a blocker to make the overall usability more intuitive and easier. Just a few examples (and I have more from our users and my own RT experience over 11 years):

  • It requires many clicks, going through different pages unless you use the “Jumbo” page to change different parameters of tickets, but the jumbo page has drawbacks as it doesn’t show the history or final recipients.
  • If you want to jump to related tickets while writing a comment you have to open another window.

I did a lot of customization in our installation, so I know it can be changed, but it would be great to get improved usability and thus UI with a vanilla RT installation. It doesn’t mean it has to be more cluttered.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally with RT and in a little bit exaggerated way it almost breaks my heart if people describe RT as “90s”, but I also understand that comparing other more intuitive systems to the capabilites of RT. I’m just totally used to the tool, it’s features and drawbacks.

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