Rich text editor - pre-formatted text



When I type a slash-separated path to the rich text editor, it appears with spaces separating the slashes, the HTML tag “pre” does not work. How can I enter a pre-formatted text ?


Where specifically in RT are you finding this?

Is this in a Ticket Comment / Reply rich text editor? A specific example would be useful to try and recreate the output you are seeing.

Also, what version of RT are you on? x.x.x like 4.4.3 would be what I am looking for.



Hi John,

Sorry for not providing enough info. The product is RT at a glance ( i don’t know the exact version). Here is the screenshot of the ticket comment editor field:

Thanks and regards


I believe I know what you are seeing, but I’d still like to get your version of RT.

At the login screen you’ll see a version next to the “Login” and also at the bottom right.

Formatted on my version does have two behaviors, but just trying to make sure I understand explicitly version and test case to give help.