Rich text editor - pre-formatted text


When I type a slash-separated path to the rich text editor, it appears with spaces separating the slashes, the HTML tag “pre” does not work. How can I enter a pre-formatted text ?

Where specifically in RT are you finding this?

Is this in a Ticket Comment / Reply rich text editor? A specific example would be useful to try and recreate the output you are seeing.

Also, what version of RT are you on? x.x.x like 4.4.3 would be what I am looking for.


Hi John,

Sorry for not providing enough info. The product is RT at a glance ( i don’t know the exact version). Here is the screenshot of the ticket comment editor field:

Thanks and regards

I believe I know what you are seeing, but I’d still like to get your version of RT.

At the login screen you’ll see a version next to the “Login” and also at the bottom right.

Formatted on my version does have two behaviors, but just trying to make sure I understand explicitly version and test case to give help.

Ok, the version number is 4.0.7

4.0.7 is in end of life (, so support is beyond the scope of this post. See if you have an upgrade within the maintenance and stable releases appropriate for you (see link above). There are release notes to make an appropriate change and planned upgrade based on your needs.

Documentation specifically for upgrade your version can be found below to help you move forward.

I would highly recommend 4.4.3, since there are many features you’ll find useful. However, I know it’s not for everyone. If you have any questions about an upgrade, I’ll see if I can help as you move forward as time permits.