RH9, MYSQL 4, mod_perl

Just to let everyone know this is my setup that I got working this
morning. I did have to mess with it for several days but I have it down
pat now.

The main problems…

RH9 comes with mysql 3.???
mod_perl that comes with RH9 is buggy
storable is messed up in RH9
Perl Modules do not compile correctly


Install the RPM’s for MYSQL 4 from MYSQL’s website
Install the mod_perl from here http://www.apache.org/~gozer/mp2/
Upgrade storable from cpan

cd /etc/sysconfig

cp i18n i18n-orig

sed ‘s/LANG=.*/LANG=“en_US”/’ i18n-orig > i18n

. i18n

This is what I have working at my location right now.
Feal free to holler if you have any questions.

Travis Llewellyn
Network Administrator
Communication Federal Credit Union
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