RFC: Winter RT Training location in Europe

Hi everybody,

As many of you know, Best Practical sends me out a couple times a year
to do public RT training classes, mostly aimed at RT administrators and
developers. Generally, we do Boston, San Francisco and “Somewhere in

In the past, we’ve done european training Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid.
We’ve done a seperate one-day course with O’Reilly and UKUUG in London.

We’re currently trying to schedule a 1-2 day class for late January
"somewhere in Europe". I suspect that somewhere a bit on the southern
side of things will be best (warmest), but I also know that while the
Canary Islands are technically part of Spain, nobody’s boss will send
them to a training class in Gran Canaria.

An ideal training locale will be easy to reach by plane from most of
western Europe and navigable by attendees who may speak only English.
It also needs to be somewhere your boss won’t immediately decide is
a beach holiday in disguise.

Should we stay in Madrid? Try Barcelona? Go back to Amsterdam? Head
somewhere else? If you think your employer might send 5 or more people,
that’s a good reason to make a suggestion.

If you could reply to me off list with suggestions of locales, I’d
greatly appreciate it.