Returning Body of job in message? (other sample templates?)

Hi All,

Thanks for all your help. We have RT3 running beautifully in our environment. (RH8, Apache/ModPerl2, Exchange etc).

Now that we are getting more into the system, we find that we want to modify the templates used for responses, but havent found the documentation for the variables that I can insert in them in the 3.0 manual. One thing I was thinking of doing was allowing some templates to send the entire comment section upon completion of a job. I can see instances where people will want to see all the info in the email as opposed to using the web component per se. (I’m coming from a wreq environment, so while I love the features of RT, I can see where a fully email solution is friendlier to some).

Also, is there a repository somewhere with other sample templates to get better ideas of what others are doing?

Thanks again and kudos on all the hard work!