RestrictionValues Function

I don’t know what I’m missing, but my PickRestriction element doesn’t
produce selection fields for my queue-specific custom fields. When I
poke around a bit, it seems like the element uses a method called
RestrictionValues to return the Queue ids that exist in the current
selection, only the RestrictionValues function doesn’t appear to return
anything…(no return statement in function). I can’t wrap my head
around all the hash references, can anyone tell me what will return the
array of currently selected queue ids?


Shawn Crosby

So Perl has this feature where the last variable on the stack is returned
as the lvalue for a given function/method. Some programmers like to take
advantage of this “feature”.

For example:
sub add {
my ($x, $y) = @_;

print "-> ", add(1,2), “\n”;

Will print out:
-> 3

Personally I don’t see what is so hard about typing return(…) but then
again I also don’t understand why people buy honda civics and then spend
$20k on them without improving the performance. Heh.

Anyway, RestrictionValues(…) is going to return whatever the call to
map() returns. It’s /magic/.