Restricting queue access to group members

Is it possible to restrict access for a queue to a particular group? I want to have several queues for tech staff and several groups for customer service staff but not allow customer service staff to view the tech queues. I want to allow the tech staff to access all queues.

Yep, this is normal ACL stuff. Just go into the the config for each queue and assign the rights to each group that you want. Putting the tech staff into a “tech staff group” will make this easier - you can just assign that group the rights you want to each of the customer queues.

I tried that but found that staff not in any group could still operate on the queue. Obviously I’m missing something. I want anybody who has access to a queue to have full rights for that queue but nobody outside that group.

Check the rights for the system internal groups Everyone, Privileged and Unprivileged, both in each queue’s config and also any global rights they might have been given (Admin->Global->Group Rights).

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Oh, and you can also use the Rights Inspector in RT5 (Admin->Tools->RIghts Inspector) to find out what rights users/groups have on particular objects such as queues or tickets.

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I’m using 4.4.4 and don’t appear to have that menu option.

It is available as an extension for RT4:

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